A 27 Year old Female married for five years was trying to conceive for the last three years. She was a lean patient with the BMI of 18. She was having prolonged cycles of 60- 65 days. She had consulted few Gynaecologist, had undergone various tests and was diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries. She was asked to reduce her weight and was doing the same for the last 2 yrs and was distressed with no results. She was referred to me by one of my old patient. I went through all her medical records and investigations.

I reassured her that she has nothing to be worried about  and she can conceive with a simple lifestyle management. Instead of loosing weight she was advised to gain weight and was advised for ovulation induction and follicular monitoring. Intrauterine Uterine Insemination (IUI) was also done to increase the conception rate. She concieved and was blessed with a baby girl after nine months.

All patients with polycystic ovaries do not benefit with weight loss. Patients with low BMI should be advised to gain weight in order to correct hormonal imbalance.

Dr Neeta Gupta