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Constipation in Pregnancy
(Dr. Neeta Gupta)

It is the second commonest complaint in Pregnancy. First being Nausea. It is seen in about 11-38% of Pregnancies.

It is due to increased Progesterone levels which cause slow movement of Bowels, decreased maternal activity, Increased Calcium and Iron intake and enlarged uterus slows movement of faeces.

It cab be relieved by increased fluid and dietery fiber intake, excercise and use of laxatives.


Diet in Preganancy
(Dr Neeta Gupta)

Diet is important for Good

-Maternal health

-Adequate Fetal Growth

-Strength and Vitality during Labour

-Successful Lactation

Pregnant females need 300 calories more then adult female

Diet during pregnancy should be light, nutritious, easily digestible and rich in proteins, minerals and Vitamins. Ideal composition of Diet is 50% carbohydrates, 30% Proteins and 20% Fats

Protein rich diet includes meat, Eggs, Poultry, Dairy products like Milk, curd, cheese, paneer , tofu etc, Lentils/Dals and soya nuggets.


Temper tantrums ( by Dr Ravi Gupta )


Does your child bite, cry unnecessarily,  throw objects, hit you or headbangs,  then this could be Temper Tantrum.

So what is a temper tantrum ?

Temper tantrum is basically a kind of disruptive behavior which usually happens in children between the age of 18 months to 3 years .Some children might be more prone than others  for this.  To know more, Please click the link


( by Dr Ravi Gupta)

Pica is eating of material other than food e.g. mud,, chalk, clothes and paper while mouthing is putting of non-food substances in mouth between 6-8 months by toddler.Pica is abnormal if it persists beyond 2 years and lasts for more than one month.

Issues associated with Pica include  deficiency of Calcium , Vitamin D and Iron. 

Please contact your paediatrician if you have any concerns.



COVID vaccination in Pregnancy ( Dr. Neeta Gupta)

covid 19 vaccine in pregnancy

National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI) has approved vaccination of Pregnant women against Covid -19. Pregnant women should be informed about the risk of exposure to COVID-19 along with the risks and benefits of COVID-19 vaccines.

It is the pregnant women’s choice to opt for the vaccine..

It can be taken anytime during pregnancy irrespective of gestation.

After vaccination, pregnant woman can have fever, chills and bodyache for a day or two.

MYTH BUSTER- You cannnot get COVID -19 infection after vaccination.


Breast feeding
( by Dr. Ravi Gupta)

Newborn should be placed in direct skin to skin contact with mother after birth.

It is best for babies – 6 month exclusively then till 2 years with complementary food.There are multiple benefits of breastfeeding 

Composition of human milk is tailored for human babies and preterm milk for preterm babies 

Breast milk production requires effective and frequent sucklingBreast feeding technique and skills should be taught including correct latching

All mothers should know how to manually express milkArtificial feeding with a bottle can be harmful to the baby.

Common problems like  inverted and sore nipples and breast engorgement can be easily treated.

Baby on exclusive breastfeeding should be given supplemental vitamin D at least till 1 year of age.


Tips and Guidelines for storage of Expressed Human milk for working Mothers
(Dr Neeta Gupta)

Expressed human milk

Freshly expressed breast milk can be kept at room temperature for upto 6 hours. If you can’t use the milk quickly or the room is warm then transfer the milk to the refrigerator or freezer.

Freshly expressed milk can be kept at the back of  refrigerator ( not at the door) for upto 1 to 2 days 

Freshly expressed milk can be kept at the back of the freezer for upto 1 month.

To thaw a milk, never boil the milk.Freezed milk which has been thawed should never be refrozen.Always use a steel container for storage.


Milk in Infancy (Dr Ravi Gupta)

Milk intake in Children

Frequently asked questions by parents- How much milk should my child take? He does not eat any solid food, so I give him Milk? My child won’t drink milk, what should I do?  

All of these questions may sound familiar ! Let us try to resolve some of these queries. Read more….